Introduction to the Controversy

What is “creation science?”  Let’s start with what it is not.  Creation science is not evolution.  That has to be said, because a lot of people think that creation and evolution do not disagree.  This depends on what you mean by “creation” and “evolution.”  Definitions have to be clear, to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea about what we’re saying.
There are many different ideas among creationists and evolutionists.  There are the atheistic evolutionists, who believe that God doesn’t exist.  A January 2005 Gallup poll tells us they make up 13% of all Americans (Baptist Reflector, 3/16/05, p2).  There are theistic evolutionists, who believe God created all things, but that His way of doing it was pretty much the way Charles Darwin explained it.  They account for 38% of Americans.  A 2003 Gallup poll showed that only 28% of Americans believe in evolution at all (The New York Times, 3/4/03).  A 2005 Gallup says 45% believe in creation.  The 2006 Gallup says 53% believe in creation — the first time ever Gallup showed more than half of all Americans.  We are winning the fight.
Most evolutionists today believe in Punctuated Equilibrium, which says that evolution happened in fits-and-starts — not gradually.  Nearly all evolutionists believe Earth is about 4.6 billion years old and the universe is maybe 15.7 billion years old.  There is currently a re-do of Darwin’s theory — trying to plug the holes in the sinking ship — we’ll keep an eye on that one for you all!
What do different creationists believe?  Theistic evolutionists (see above) often say they are “creationists,” because they believe in a Creator.  Progressive creationists believe that when species become extinct, God just makes new ones to replace them.  Some creationists believe the days in Genesis One were not 24-hour days, but may have been millions of years long.  Some believe that much of Genesis is only a story that illustrates the character of God, but that it is not literally true.  These groups are the Old-Earth Creationists (OEC’s), who talk about billions of years just like the evolutionists do.
Young-Earth Creationists (YEC’s) believe Earth and the universe are about 6000 years old.  These include the Biblical Literalists.  They believe the acts of creation described in Genesis and all the Scriptures, are literally true.  Points of Origins Ministries is conducted solely from this Biblical Literalist point of view.  The reason for writing the bulletins and visiting the campuses, is to help encourage others who have this same belief.
The old-earth / young-earth debate has split the Church down the middle.  Intelligent Design is usually viewed as OEC, but does not actually address the age-issue nor the identity of the “Intelligence.”  Most other mainstream creationists are YEC.  In my observations, intellectual seduction to OEC leads to theistic evolutionism — losing the literal authority of Scripture, and losing both the abundant life and the joy of salvation in the life of the Believer.  Points of Origins is a YEC ministry.
Science knowledge is expanding so quickly.  With every new discovery, the evo’s (evolutionists) will say the new information proves their theory.  Really, these “proofs” can all happen — without evolution being true — and therefore are pointless and transparent to the issue!  Nobody usually mentions this.  Really the only way these “proofs” can even look like they are in favor of evolution, is if you already believe in evolution!  The task for the evo’s is a continuous effort to uphold many evo-supporting “urban myths” and to force-fit the data into an imaginary equation.
If you believe that Genesis is literally true, then you should know there is plenty of cause for encouragement found in all of the newest discoveries — not theories — as they are made.  That — is what this ongoing series of blogs is all about.
Yours in the great Creator & Savior, Dr J

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