Welcome to Points of Origins

Welcome to Points of Origins with Dr. Jackson
The news bulletins on this blog are kept as brief as possible — usually one paragraph.  Bulletins can come once a day or once per week, depending on DrJ’s workflow and/or the pace of scientific discoveries.
The information in these bulletins is reliable and fully referenced.  But please, do not use this to harass your professors / teachers.  Most of them only know what they were taught, so don’t be too hard on them.  Follow 1st Peter 3:15-17 and pray for wisdom to know when and how to use this information.  You may always use it to reconcile things in your own mind, when they’re trying to teach you something that is false.  What you do after that, will make the difference between you being a good witness to the Scriptures,  or just being plain annoying to other people.  The bulletins themselves may border on the sarcastic, yes – but remember, they are specifically written for an audience of Believers only.
This ministry has a strong discipleship component – both via the internet and in person (so do not hesitate to invite Dr J to visit your campus/group!).  After reading the bulletins for awhile, your own instincts should improve, in telling the difference between true science and what is just evolutionary propaganda. Comments on the bulletins is highly encouraged. This is how readers may interact with each other and with Dr. Jackson.
Readers are also able to email DrJ personally with any comments or questions they may have at  DrJackson@PointsofOrigins.com.  Such questions often make the content of videoblogs found at www.CreationTruth.com under “Blogs” under “Dr. Jackson’s Blog.”
If you’d like to financially support this unique and important ministry, you can simply use the PayPal button on the Home Page — the button will soon be available, but as yet is not, the blogsite being barely set up at this point!
These bulletins are not designed to convince evolutionists.  They are meant to equip, educate, and mostly to encourage those who already believe that Genesis is true.  It is our prayer to be of service to you in this way.  Become an independent thinker.  Learn to generate thoughts and ideas, instead of only receiving them!  Let God bless you with understanding the relationship between science and the Holy Scriptures, in your journey of His Truth.
And – keep on thinking!  DrJ

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