Age of Civilization

Dr. J, I have a question as to Dr. Girtwood’s class. You said that [for the assignment] they had to find trace of civilization before 4000 years ago, but if they quote some evolutionary sources, they could supposedly prove the Egyptian pyramids to be “10,000-12,000” years old. What was their take on this, or did the assignment mean continuous chronology?
Thanks! Noah in MD

(BTW Noah, I have always envied you for your cool sideburns! DrJ)

To view DrJ’s answer to Noah  click here .

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2 Comments on “Age of Civilization”

  1. Thank you for your ministry.

    A small problem…I need to read (and print out for my files) your answers to questions. It is a waste of time to take notes on videos when you could easily provide a transcript along with the video.

    Please give us the option of reading your comments in addition to veiwing them.

    Thank you.

    • drjxn Says:

      Robert, I could not do so easily, since I have no scripts for the videos. However, I will only be doing videos of my answers to reader questions. The posts on current events in science will all be in print. Sincerely, DrJ

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