Radiogenic Halos

Dr. J—-I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your talk at the conference at Ridgecrest, June 9-13. You mentioned there are other explanations for Polonium halos other than Robert Gentry’s. Could you tell me basically what the other explanations are and/or where I can look up and read the other explanations?many thanks, Aaron
Aaron, basically it was the creationists working on the RATE team that found an alternative explanation. During the decay series of Uranium, microscopic bits can break off the main mass and drift “downstream” a short distance through a crack in the matrix and then lodge there, some tiny (but still separate) distance from the main mass. Once there it can proceed to create a separate Polonium halo … without having been an artifact of the instantaneous creation of granitic rock. Now … this does not mean that all pleiochroic halos were formed like this. So, it cannot necessarily negate Gentry’s work. But it does give this alternative explanation that could certainly apply to many of the halos that Gentry and others found, though not at all to all of them. OK, I hope this helps. Yours in Him, DrJ

You can see DrJ’s video-answer to Aaron’s question by clicking here .

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