Old-Earth or Young-Earth?

Dr. Jackson, You may remember me from when you visited our church. I had the brother with the tie, and we talked about MENSA. In either case, I was wondering what the truth is about the whole Old-Earth/New-Earth fiasco. Where do the old earthists get the extra years from? What about the archaeological evidence? I know several well-respected Christian men who argue both sdies, but the argument never seems too consistent. What is your opinion? Sincerely, Grant

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6 Comments on “Old-Earth or Young-Earth?”

  1. Brett Says:

    Can you elaborate on the assignment your friend gave his students? Well, mostly I’m interested in the an elaboration on the details of what made the assignment significant. Were you referring to historic records about the shapes of continents or general ancient references to geography?

  2. drjxn Says:

    Yes Brett, Dr. Girtwood’s assignment was for the students to break up into 7 groups … one for each continent. Then they were to find historical documentation of any human history on that continent, that could be verified to pre-date Noah’s Flood (2348 BC by Ussher’s Chronology). After three weeks, they all gave up. Of course, the significance is this … there is none … none verifiable. All those earlier dates are based upon “accepted timeframes” and not on calendar references. Anyway, I hope this satisfactorily answers your comment. Thanks for your contribution. DrJ

  3. Noah Says:

    Dr. J, I have a question as to Dr. Girtwood’s class. You said that they had to find trace of civilization before 4000 years ago, but if they quote some evolutionary sources, they could supposedly prove the Egyptian pyramids to be “10,000-12,000” years old. What was there take on this, or did the assignment mean ConTinuous chronology? Thanks!

    • drjxn Says:

      Hey my young brother Noah! I’m expecting to be back in your area like in Oct, BTW.

      Anyway, I’m gonna videoblog-answer this one, since I’ve gotta nice pict of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

      Just go to http://www.CreationTruth.com under “Blogs” under “Dr. Jackson’s Blog” to see my answer. Please wait until mid-afternoon Tues Jun 29th though (I’m in a coffeeshop right now and not set up for a videoblog right here.

      And here’s a web-reference to back up my stuff on this. http://www.aeraweb.org/how_old.asp

  4. Just me Says:

    I have seen timelines showing the pyramids existing BEFORE the Great FLood. I was wondering if the age of the Pyramids has been mis-estimated, or if they could have survived the Flood.

  5. drjxn Says:

    Dear Just me,

    According to Ussher’s Chronology, the Great Flood happened in the year 2348 BC. We have this Biblical history as our record of this. What is the historical record anchoring the Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx as older than that? I’ll tell ya what — none! The age is just assumed. Sad. And the Carbon-14 dating of the “Old Kingdom” at 3000 BC and the Sphinx at 2500 BC … is flawed because of C-14 being flawed. The seven assumptions of Carbon-14 really mess up the possibilities of it being right in this case, though C-dates are not as off as other radio-isotope datings — C-14 does not pass through any “forbidden transformations” during it’s decay sequence back to N-14 so … it is less affected by any past changes in the NFF (Nuclear Force Factor). I would be happy to elaborate in an additional blogsite page devoted to C-14 dating, if you would like me to.
    And … about whether Giza could be a pre-Flood (antediluvian) artifact — I’ve asked other creationists who are archaeologists about this very thing. They tell me “no” — and that makes perfect Scriptural sense to me. The Bible says God was intending to wipe all sign of them and their civilization off the face of the earth. Besides, when you think of the power of the floodwaters on that type of a scale … nothing of any manmade structure could have survived the Deluge. DrJ

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