Age of Civilization

Posted July 7, 2010 by drjxn
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Dr. J, I have a question as to Dr. Girtwood’s class. You said that [for the assignment] they had to find trace of civilization before 4000 years ago, but if they quote some evolutionary sources, they could supposedly prove the Egyptian pyramids to be “10,000-12,000” years old. What was their take on this, or did the assignment mean continuous chronology?
Thanks! Noah in MD

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Radiogenic Halos

Posted July 6, 2010 by drjxn
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Dr. J—-I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your talk at the conference at Ridgecrest, June 9-13. You mentioned there are other explanations for Polonium halos other than Robert Gentry’s. Could you tell me basically what the other explanations are and/or where I can look up and read the other explanations?many thanks, Aaron
Aaron, basically it was the creationists working on the RATE team that found an alternative explanation. During the decay series of Uranium, microscopic bits can break off the main mass and drift “downstream” a short distance through a crack in the matrix and then lodge there, some tiny (but still separate) distance from the main mass. Once there it can proceed to create a separate Polonium halo … without having been an artifact of the instantaneous creation of granitic rock. Now … this does not mean that all pleiochroic halos were formed like this. So, it cannot necessarily negate Gentry’s work. But it does give this alternative explanation that could certainly apply to many of the halos that Gentry and others found, though not at all to all of them. OK, I hope this helps. Yours in Him, DrJ

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Oil Deposit Ages

Posted July 3, 2010 by drjxn
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Dr. J, I met this college student a few weeks back at Boiling Springs Christian Service Camp. He was one of the more enthusiastic campers and asked the question below. I told him that you would do a better job answering this question.Thanks Dr. J and see you soon. In Him, Shelby
(the student asks…) I have a friend who might possibly accept the Biblical truth of creation if he could understand how all of the fossil fuels could have developed in only 6000 years. Could you offer any insights brother? Ryder

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Dinosaur Questions

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Dr. J: I’m having trouble with the “new Earth” belief. How old are the dinosaur artifacts? Did Noah really take dinos (babies, I’m told) on the Ark? Could any of the fossils have been ‘planted’ by God just to mess with our heads? I have been lead to believe that dinosaurs required a VERY different environment – warmer, wetter – than what we have today/for the last 6,000 years or so or more. And, of course, there are the Ice Ages. I am skeptical of some of the ice cores and the explanations from the samples taken at the poles. Peace in Him, Mike in IL

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Old-Earth or Young-Earth?

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Dr. Jackson, You may remember me from when you visited our church. I had the brother with the tie, and we talked about MENSA. In either case, I was wondering what the truth is about the whole Old-Earth/New-Earth fiasco. Where do the old earthists get the extra years from? What about the archaeological evidence? I know several well-respected Christian men who argue both sdies, but the argument never seems too consistent. What is your opinion? Sincerely, Grant

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Potassium-Argon Radiometric Dating

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I was reading on wikipedia how K-Ar dating works and it all seemed very sound except for some of the preconditions listed:
All the following preconditions must be true for computed dates to be accepted as representing the true age of the rock. Great care is needed in collecting a sample for dating to avoid samples which have been contaminated by absorption of argon from the atmosphere. Contamination is suspected when the final results are untenable. Extraneous argon may be incorporated into a rock depending on conditions during cooling. Commonly, gases are not fully removed from magma at the time of crystallization, and so not all of the measured argon will have resulted from decay of 40K since the rock crystallized– such samples should be avoided. The Ar–Ar dating method was developed to measure the presence of extraneous argon.
The sample must have remained a closed system since it cooled enough to retain argon, neither admitting nor emitting either of the isotopes of interest. A deficiency of 40Ar in a sample of a known age can indicate a full or partial melt in the thermal history of the area.
Accuracy depends on the isotopic ratios included in the sample being normal, since 40K is usually not measured directly, but is
assumed to be 0.0117% of the total potassium. Unless some other process is active at the time of cooling, this is a very good assumption for terrestrial samples.
Accuracy also requires that the nuclear decay rate be unaffected by external conditions such as temperature and pressure. Because of the energy scales involved, this is a very good assumption, though the 40K electron capture partial decay constant may be enhanced at ultrahigh pressure.
Thanks, Jesse at University of Maryland

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